Sollte eine Frau jemanden heiraten, der ein Problem mit Pornografie hat?

Heath Lambert, auf dessen Buch zu diesem Thema ich hier bereits hingewiesen habe, meint:

First, the short answer. There is a clear and concise response for a woman wondering whether she should marry a man after discovering he struggles with pornography: no. She should not do it.

Dann, etwas später, beginnt er mit der langen Antwort:

Next, the long answer. The long answer still responds with, “No. You should not marry a man who has an active problem with pornography.”

Zuletzt gibt er einen weisen Rat für junge Frauen:

In the pornographic culture in which we live, fewer and fewer women will find it possible to find a young man who has not had at least some exposure to pornography. In such a world women who are looking for a man who has never viewed pornography or who does not consider it a temptation will be disappointed. This reality does not mean, however, that godly women should settle for a man with an ongoing porn struggle. Instead what she should look for is a guy who is honest about a struggle, is seeking to get ahead of the problem with various kinds of accountability, has a track record of victory, and is passionate about growing in purity by getting very close to the Christ who alone can forgive and cleanse former sins.

Der gesamte Artikel steht hier als PDF zur Verfügung.

Pornografie und Stolz

Nach einer amerikanischen Studie kämpfen etwa 50 % gläubiger Männer und 20 % gläubiger Frauen mit Pornografie.

Heath Lambert geht in seinem Buch „Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace“ auf die Wurzel der Sünde ein: Stolz.

“At the root of viewing pornography is an arrogant heart that says: ‘I will have whatever I want. And if I want pictures of naked women, I am going to have it. And I don’t care if God doesn’t want it, and I don’t care if my wife doesn’t like it, and I don’t care if I might lose my ministry over it — I am going to look at it.’ „

Das Problem liegt niemals in den Umständen, sondern in der Arroganz und fehlenden Demut:

“The problem with pornography is not that men are married to women that aren’t pretty enough. The problem with pornography is not that men are too lonely. The problem with pornography is that men are arrogant and they need the gospel of Jesus Christ to shatter their pride and cultivate humility in their hearts.”

Diese Demut lernen wir nur im Verstehen und Ergreifen des Evangeliums, in der echten Anbetung und Hingabe an Gott:

“Men who want to overcome the problem of pornography […] have to learn to worship at the feet of Jesus and have to, by grace, learn how to be fascinated and captivated by the beauty and the glory of who Jesus is, and what he has done for sinners.”

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