Leben als Christ

What else is life for?

J. Oswald Sanders ermutigt in seinem Buch “Spiritual Leadership“ das Leben für das Reich Gottes hinzugeben. Das Evangelium von Jesus Christus ist es nur wert, dass ihm unser ganzes Leben gewidmet wird. Er schreibt:
Minutes and hours can be transmuted in rich an abundant life. Michelangelo grasped this fact. On one occasion when he was executing a work which he had been pressured into doing, someone warned him, “It may cost your life.” The great artist responded, “What else is life for?” Our hours and days will keep on being used up, but they can be used purposefully and productively. Philosopher William James affirmed that the great use of one´s life is to spend it for something that will outlast it, for the value of life is computed not by its duration but by its donation. Not how long we live, but how fully and well.

Und weiter:

Quinton Hogg, founder of the London Polytechnic Institute, devoted a great fortune to the enterprise. Asked how much it had cost to build up such a great institution, Hogg replied: “Not very much, simply one man´s life blood.” That is the cost of every great achievement, and it is not paid in a lump sum.    

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