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Matthew Henry zu Hebräer 13,17

„Gehorcht euren Lehrern und folgt ihnen, denn sie wachen über eure Seelen – und dafür müssen sie Rechenschaft geben -, damit sie das mit Freuden tun und nicht mit Seufzen; denn das wäre nicht gut für euch. “ – Hebräer 13,17

Matthew Henry ist ein fundierter und gern zitierter Bibelkommentator. Er bemerkt zu dieser Stelle:

… the apostle tells us what is the duty that people owe to their living ministers […] The duty—to obey them, and submit themselves to them. It is not an implicit obedience, or absolute submission, that is here required, but only so far as is agreeable to the mind and will of God revealed in his word; and yet it is truly obedience and submission, and that not only to God, but to the authority of the ministerial office, which is of God as certainly, in all things belonging to that office, as the authority of parents or of civil magistrates in the things within their sphere. Christians must submit to be instructed by their ministers, and not think themselves too wise, too good, or too great, to learn from them; and, when they find that ministerial instructions are agreeable to the written word, they must obey them.

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