Leben als Christ

Interview mit Jennie Allen

Nachdem ich alles. von Jennie Allen mit Gewinn gelesen habe, hat mich das Interview mit ihr, das kürzlich bei The Gospel Coalition erschien, natürlich interessiert. Jennie Allen spricht unter anderem über ihn neues Buch Restless: Because You Were Made for More:

I headed into this study convicted by John Piper’s words: „It is possible to waste your life.“ I wanted to start a corporate discussion on gifts and callings and dreams for God’s glory. I was worried that others, just like me, were entangled with fear and distraction and perhaps missing „the good works God prepared in advance for us to do“

Die Tatsache, dass wir unser Leben tatsächliche verschwenden können (obwohl wir Christen sind!) muss, glaube ich, unser Leben prägen. Allen fährt fort:

It is a wake-up call, a reminder that we are here for just a moment. How we spend that moment has eternal significance. Wanting more out of life is not about a desire to bring more attention to you.It’s about wanting to find a way to do more with your life in a form of worship that ultimately brings more glory to God. Just because you desire more out of your life does necessarily mean you are sinfully discontent or denying God’s free grace in your life. It is more about embracing a perspective that our creative God has an infinite number of creative plans to make himself known through us, his image bearers, and he provides us opportunities to find joy in experiencing these often-small daily tasks.

Hier geht es zum ganzen Interview.

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