Leben als Christ

William Lane Craig über das Streben nach Reinheit


William Lane Craig spricht über das Streben nach sexueller Reinheit, das Töten des Fleisches – und was das bedeuten kann:

Scripture talks about this as mortifying the flesh – putting to death the evil desires that are in us. And this would involve things like not attending certain kinds of movies, not watching certain kind of television, avoiding certain sorts of magazines and so forth because the visual images and so forth can get your mental life going and start these fantasies. We need to avoid fantasizing, not just physical activity but also keep our thought life pure. And there are all kinds of very practical things one can do in this area to try to keep one´s passions in check. I remember as a younger man I would avoid going near to news stands just because of the magazine covers you would see on the news stands. So I would be very careful when I went pass the checkout counter at the cashier or when I was on the street nearby a news stand, you know, while I was waiting for a bus or something – just to avoid them because of what you see there – as well as films and movies and things of that sort. You can, you can take positive proactive action to try to live a chased and honorable life before God in this area.

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