Challies: Christian Celebrity and the Conference Culture

In dieser Woche findet die Together for the Gospel Konferenz statt. Tim Challies fällt auf, wenngleich er die Konferenz in keiner Weise schlecht reden möchte, dass der Neocalvinismus stark von der sog. Celebrity Culture lebt: Je größer die Namen der Prediger, desto größer die Konferenz. Er weist deshalb auf eine große Versuchung unserer Zeit hin:

In many cases, though, the draw of the conference is not growing in knowledge of a theme or a book of the Bible, but hearing celebrity preachers speak on that theme or that book of the Bible. When it comes right down to it, the celebrity, not the theme, is the draw. Quick, without looking: What is the theme of this year’s Together for the Gospel conference? You probably don’t know. And really, it probably doesn’t matter to you a whole lot, because the bigness of the event and the bigness of the speakers are the draw.

Es würde dem Neocalvinismus gut tun, wenn er hier den Inhalten mehr Raum schenken würde:

Could we consider it a sign of health and growth in the New Calvinism if we had the same level of excitement to learn a book of the Bible from a no-name authority on that book, or to learn about a topic of great theological importance from a no-name authority on that topic? Wouldn’t it be interesting if the situation was reversed? “I don’t know who is speaking, but I am excited to learn about this book or this theme!” This would show that our foremost desire is not to see and hear celebrity preachers, but to have the best opportunity to see and hear God speak to us through his Word.

Es ist so einfach, selbst mit dem großartig betonten Motiv, dem Wort Gottes treu sein zu wollen, nur Menschen zu folgen. Erschreckend einfach.

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