Leben als Christ

Rarely do you hear me talking about Calvinism

Sind Christen, die die Souveränität Gottes als Überschrift über ihre gesamte Theologie schreiben, verkopfte Theoretiker bei denen die christliche Praxis zu kurz kommt? Ich habe hier [leider nicht mehr verfügbar] eine ermutigende und herausfordernde Antwort gefunden. Folgende Aussagen haben mir besonders gefallen:

Um was es bei der Frage nach der Souveränität Gottes wirklich geht:

For me, the sovereignty of God was my lifeline. Either God was in control of every detail of my life for my good and his glory, or I had really no point in believing or living out my faith. In a short period of time, my world was rocked time and again.

Welche Konsequenzen dies für das christliches Leben hat:

But I came to a realization that the best apologetic for what I believed was not having a high-trafficked blog or even winning arguments. It was going to be the outcome of my life and work in the local church, in the trenches, doing what God has called me to do. Over time, the trajectory of my writing changed from trying to change the landscape of the discussion on Calvinism to trying to serve and encourage others who were living out the implications of what they believed as they applied sound doctrine to church and mission. Rarely do you hear me talking about Calvinism these days. It is not because it is unimportant to me; rather, it is because the best Calvinists I know are working hard to be faithful ministers of the gospel in their own context–a context which focuses on stuff like making disciples, developing leaders, and planting churches.

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