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R.C. Sproul (1939-2017)

Am Donnerstag verstarb der Theologe R. C. Sproul. Die Trauerfeier wird am Mittwochabend um 20:00 Uhr auf rcsproul.com per Livestream übertragen. Ich habe in den letzten Tagen zahlreiche Nachrufe gelesen, die erahnen lassen, welche Bedeutung er als Theologe und Lehrer gehabt hat. Dabei verstand er es, komplexe Inhalte für jeden verständlich zu machen. Vor einiger Zeit haben wir z.B. sein Buch Bibelstudium für Einsteiger rezensiert. Hier eine Auswahl der Nachrufe:

  • Steven Nichols: Das Vermächtnis von R. C. Sproul
    „Er war, vor allem, ein Theologe. Er liebte die Lehre von Gott. Durch sie fand er den Zugang, um Gott zu erkennen, zu bewundern und anzubeten. Die Lehre von Gott mag wohl der Dreh- und Angelpunkt von R.C. Sprouls Werk und Vermächtnis sein, was sich in seinem klassischen Text zeigt: Die Heiligkeit Gottes (1985). Als ein Vater und Großvater im Glauben half er einer ganzen Generation, dem Gott der Bibel zu begegnen.“
  • Tim Challies: Next Time: A Tribute To R.C. Sproul
    „I met Dr. Sproul on only a few occasions and we spent very little time together. Yet the final words he ever said to me are ones I will always remember with a sense of regret and anticipation. I had enjoyed lunch with a friend who works for Ligonier and when we returned to the ministry offices, Dr. Sproul was there to record a small video segment. He turned to me and said, “I had been hoping to join you for lunch but was feeling too tired. Next time.” I take that as a promise, and intend to hold him to it. Next time.“
  • John MacArthur: R. C. Sproul
    „No nationally known Christian leader has been a better friend to me than R. C. Sproul. He stood by my side for decades in every major theological controversy I was engaged in. More than I could ever express, I appreciated his willingness to confront important controversies without flinching. He could of course answer the errors, unbiblical notions, and sloppy thinking of theological mischief-makers with the same crystal clarity that characterized his teaching.“
  • Steven Lawson: The R.C. I Knew
    „Several years ago at The Shepherd’s Conference, John MacArthur introduced Dr. Sproul by saying, “He is the Martin Luther of our times.” This is true—R.C. Sproul is the Martin Luther of our times. His books have been the Wittenberg door upon which he has nailed the truth to our minds.“
  • Albert Mohler: A Bright and Burning Light: Robert Charles Sproul, February 13, 1939-December 14, 2017
    In a tribute to his own beloved teacher, Professor John Gerstner, written in 1976, R.C. stated: “In an era of church history when theology is in chaos, the church is being shaken at its foundations, and Christian ethics shift and slide with every novel theology, we are grateful for the vivid example of one who stands in the midst of confusion as ‘a bright and burning light.’” Indeed, we are grateful to God for the bright and burning light named R. C. Sproul. Soli Deo Gloria“
  • Justin Taylor: R.C. Sproul (1939–2017)
    He wrote about what it would be like to be in heaven and identified with Christ: ‚You can grieve for me the week before I die, if I’m scared and hurting, but when I gasp that last fleeting breath and my immortal soul flees to heaven, I’m going to be jumping over fire hydrants down the golden streets, and my biggest concern, if I have any, will be my wife back here grieving. When I die, I will be identified with Christ’s exaltation. But right now, I’m identified with His affliction.'“

Ein kleines, schönes Detail: Am Tag nach dem Tod lief im Radiodienst von Ligonier passenderweise die Sendung „The Believer’s Final Rest“. Die Inhalte der Radiosendungen werden bereits Monate vorher festgelegt.

Ligonier hat ein schönes Video veröffentlicht, dass die zentrale Botschaft des Dienstes von R. C. Sproul in all den Jahren schön zusammenführt. Das Video deutet auch an, welche pädagogischen Fähigkeiten Sproul hatte:

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